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Application and Nomination

Information on the application and nomination process

The call for application for the Hans Kilian Award 2019 expired on June 30, 2018

Hans Kilian Award of Merit for the Research and Advancement of "metacultural humanisation"

International research award of the Köhler Foundation for outstanding merits in interdisciplinary human sciences

Since 1987, the Köhler Foundation has been sponsoring outstanding scientific research and publication projects in a continuing effort to encourage and recognize excellent achievements in human sciences. Its main focus of attention lies with the research dedicated to the enhancement of the historical and cultural self-conception of humankind and opening new sustainable perspectives of a peaceful coexistence in the complex framework of the globalised world.

The Hans Kilian Award of Merit, which is announced in 2018 for the fifth time, continues this tradition. It honours outstanding scientific achievements in the study field of the historical and cultural existence of mankind and the corresponding alterations in the human psyche. The Award owes its name to Professor Dr. Hans Kilian, whose interdisciplinary concept of “metacultural humanisation” encompasses numerous historical, anthropological, sociological, psychological and psychoanalytic enquiries into the most pressing problems of a rapidly changing world. The call for submissions is addressed foremost to scientists and researchers who, in their theoretical, methodical and empirical works, have been creatively transcending the borders between disciplines and cultures and bringing forth productive syntheses between these previously isolated areas of knowledge.

The addressed inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives bring together theories, methods and data from psychology and psychoanalysis, psychiatry and other medical sciences, sociology, history, social and cultural anthropology, as well as from other disciplines of social and cultural study. A special consideration shall be given to the exploration of historical and (inter-/trans-) cultural dimensions.

The value of the Award constitutes 80,000 Euros.

This international award ranks among the most highly remunerated prizes in the field of humanities and social sciences in Germany. Its conferment takes place biennially. The Foundation invites universities as well as renowned cultural and academic associations throughout the world to nominate eligible candidates. Self-nominations are equally possible.

To make a nomination or apply for the award, the nominator or applicant is expected to submit (preferably electronically) the following documents:

  • Nomination/application form signed by the nominator or applicant
  • Statement of reasons for the nomination or application specifying relevant scientific qualifications of the nominee or applicant with regard to the subject of the award in either English or German (max. 2,000 characters)
  • Curriculum vitae of the nominee or applicant
  • List of publications of the nominee or applicant (please indicate separately the 10 most important works)

All copies of relevant publications as well as further materials are to be submitted only upon an explicit request from the Award Council.

The eligible nominee or applicant shall be selected by the executive committee of the Köhler Foundation upon the recommendations issued by the award council.


Award council

The award council consists of the members of the advisory board for the Hans Kilian Award and additional distinguished scientific experts. 



Redress through the courts is excluded



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